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Professional Ultrasonic Cleaners - Perfect For Jewelry Cleaning & More

Manufacturer of Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid, Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, Jewelry Cleaner Liquid

Heavy duty multi-application fluids specially designed for ultrasonic cleaning machines. Easily & quickly removes investment residues, oils, grease, carbon residues, and dust from most types of metals, casting parts, bushing. Excellent penetration action so easily penetrate to de-flux filters, screens tiny precision assemblies which are very difficult to clean.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Liquid

Key Benefits :

• Non- hazardous safe to use liquid
• Thermally stable liquid , no fumes or mist formation on heating
• Non corrosive to metal surface
• Excellent cleaning performance at optimum batch time
• Multi-application fluid , reduces inventory
• High in concentration ensure economy

Available Variants :
• UCL#1 for Ferrous Metals
• UCL#2 for Non Ferrous Metals
• UCL#3 for Non Metals
• UCL#4 for Electronics Parts

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer specialized Ultrasonic cleaner for critical surfaces.

Packing : 50 Kg, 210 Kg HDPE Drums

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