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Boost Your Operations with Our Lubricity Improver And Discover Its Benefits and Applications

Lubricity Improver Additives for synthetic, semi synthetic & traditional mineral base cutting oil

We are offering lubricity improver for synthetic, semi synthetic & traditional mineral base cutting oil. ECOZEST additives are free from Sulphur, chlorine & phosphates. These additive improves lubricity even at small addition of 5 to 15 % depend upon the end application.

Lubricity Improver

Key Benefits :

• Reduces the coefficient of friction
• Offers excellent boundary layer lubrication
• Easy to incorporate
• Does not cause phase separation
• Compatible with synthetic , semi synthetic & traditional cutting oil
• Reduces the mist formation
• Improves wetting
• Safe to the environment & safe to the user
• Improves surface finish
• Increases tool life surface finish
• Excellent resistance to thermal degradation
• No odor , no mist formation
• No residue No sludge No waxy films
• Free from sulfurs , chlorines , phosphates

Packing : 210 Kg HDPE Drum

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