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Aqueous Cleaners, Degreasers, Alkaline Cleaners and Low Foam Solutions

Aqueous Cleaner

We are offering various aqueous cleaners for degreasing of parts, components & surfaces. Our aqueous cleaners are non-hazardous in nature yet very effective in cleaning performance& save the cleaning process time. Easily removes surface contaminations without scrapping or wire brushing or any other mechanical methods. All are our aqueous cleaners are safe to the metals & nonmetals. Our aqueous cleaners do not generate foam or bad odor while cleaning. All our aqueous cleaners are available in concentrated form so offer convenience & economy.

Aqueous Cleaner

Key Benefits :

• Advance ecofriendly cleaner
• Does not generate foam
• Extended batch cycles no bad odor from sumps
• Free from solvents & oils
• Free from caustic & other corrosive chemicals
• Offers excellent cleaning & degreasing
• Non corrosive to metals

Available Variants :
• High foaming aqueous Cleaner
• Non foaming aqueous cleaner

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer specialized alkaline cleaner for critical surfaces.

Packing : 50 Liter 210 Liter

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