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Antique Copper and Brass Cleaner and Restorer

Copper & Brass Cleaner

We had designed a heavy duty yet non corrosive cleaner for the parts made up of copper & brass. Does not corrode the copper or brass while cleaning the surface. There are no stains or deposits on the surface after cleaning with ECOZEST solution. Use of our copper & brass cleaner eliminates the lengthy time consuming process of surface preparations. ECOZEST have power to remove the oxidation deposits also.

Copper & Brass Cleaner

Key Benefits :

• Free from acids & heavy chemicals
• Excellent cleaning & degreasing
• Does not generate foam while cleaning
• No bad odors , no mist formation
• No post cleaning stains or deposits
• Safe to operators skin

Available Variants :
• Solvent Base Copper & Brass Cleaner
• Water Base Copper & Brass Cleaner

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer customized copper & bras cleaner ferrous metal cleaner for critical surfaces.

Packing : 50 Liter, 210 Liter HDPE Drum