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Electronic & Electrical Parts Cleaner, microprocessors, PCB Cleaning

Manufacturer of Electronic Parts Cleaner & Electrical Parts Cleaner, microprocessors, PCB Cleaning, Plastic, Glass, ABS, Acrylic, Silicone

We are offering specialized cleaners for cleaning of electronic & electrical parts. These ECOZEST fluids are absolutely safe to the sensitive electronic parts, microprocessors, PCB & other electronic components. Non harmful to plastic, glass, ABS, acrylic, silicone even if it is immersed for hours.

Electronic & Electrical Parts Cleaner

Key Benefits :

• Advance ecofriendly solution
• Excellent & fast cleaning at ambient temperature
• Non- conductive in nature
• Free from chlorine, moisture
• Non corrosive to metal
• Non harmful to the environment
• Safe to operators skin

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer specialized a cleaner for critical cleaning of electronic parts.

Packing : 50 Liter, 210 Liter

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