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About Us

About Us

Company Overview

Incorporated in 2003 with objective of manufacturing of catalysts to cater the need of chemical industries. We are prominent producer and supplier of highly active , efficient oxidation catalyst & zeolites . As per our core technical competencies & domain knowledge of specialty chemicals we had added different verticals to expand our business. Along with forward integration of catalyst business we had increased our verticals as below.

• Specialty Catalyst
• Heat Transfer Compounds
• Performance Additives
• Surface Protection
• Metal Working Fluids
• Industrial Parts Cleaners

Vision , Mission & Core Values

Vision : To be the India’s leading company most admired for high performance, cost effective Eco Chemicals & Heat transfer Compounds

Mission : We are committed to design cost effective eco solutions to help our customers achieving their sustainability development goals.

Core Values :

Integrity : We operate with integrity in every aspect of our business
Safety : All our products are safe to the environment & have highest compliance with environmental safety.
Transparency : We are transparent with all our employees , business associates & most importantly with all our customers
Responsibility : We and all our products take responsibility of our customers & our employee success

Product Design & Manufacturing Policy

Value Creation through Green-Chemistry
Our products& process are aligned with our vision of offer solutions which helps our customers to minimize the impact on environment & users health.

Solving Unsolved Problems Differently
We challenge convention & reinvent the way the way we do the business to better win in the market place
We use application-oriented approach to resolve the issue rather than just finding the alternative