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Best Ferrous Metal Cleaner for Rust And Effective For Rust Removal & Polish

Manufacturer of Best Metal Cleaner, Metal Rust Remover, Metal Polish

When we clean any ferrous metal with a water base cleaner it starts rusting. To overcome this problem we have designed specialized product to clean the parts made up of ferrous metals & their alloys. Our specialized cleaner offers excellent cleaning & removes all sticky deposits from the surface but does not cause rusting. After cleaning of the parts it offers temporary rust protection of 2 to 3 days depending upon the environment.

Ferrous Metal Cleaner

Key Benefits :

• Does not cause rusting of ferrous metals
• Offers excellent cleaning & degreasing
• Does not generate foam while cleaning
• Does not generate bad odor while cleaning
• Safe to operators skin

Available Variants :
• Heavy duty for dipping application
• Spraying or Machine Use Application

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer specialized ferrous metal cleaner for critical surfaces.

Packing : 50 Liter , 210 Liter HDPE Drum

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