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Automotive Cleaners - High-Quality Automotive Cleaning Chemicals

Automotive Cleaners

We offer various parts cleaning products for the automotive industry & automotive service industry. All our products are based on advanced eco-friendly chemistry. We have automotive parts & components cleaners for OEMs. We have products which are required in overhauling & maintenance of automobiles. All our automotive cleaners offer excellent performance at very low cost.

Automotive Cleaners

Key Benefits :

• Non-hazardous in nature
• Non corrosive to the surface & parts
• High in concentrations , high dilution ratio
• Offers excellent cleaning & degreasing
• Products for specific applications

Available Variants :
• Engine Degreaser
• Carbon Remover
• Gear Box Cleaner
• High Foam Exterior Body Cleaner

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer specialized alkaline cleaner for critical surfaces.

Packing : 50 Liter , 210 Liter HDPE Drum

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