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Component Washing Agent

Component Washing Agent

We have designed non foaming specialized component washing chemical for machine use. Our component washer liquid is highly effective in removal of heavy deposits of neat oils, cutting oils, gear oils, engine oils, honing oil, anti-rust oils, process oils & many other metal working fluids. Our washing liquid is free from corrosive chemicals & caustic so does not create rusting on the parts. ECOZEST component washing chemical is are free from chlorine & sulphur so do not have bad odors. These fluids are non-harmful to the user or environment.

Component Washing Agent

Key Benefits :

• Higher dilution ratio
• Does not create foam , less water consumption
• Excellent cleaning & fast actions
• Works at normal temperature also
• Free from chlorine & heavy alkalis
• Does not cause rusting of the parts & surface
• Non harmful to operators skin

Available Variants :
We have specialized variants of component washers depend upon the metallurgy of the parts, available machines & cleaning time.

Customized Product :
Based on customers specific requirement we can offer customized product

Packing : 50, 210 Liter HDPE Drums