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Experience the Benefits of Industrial Stabilizers for Enhanced Performance

Manufacturer of Industrial Stabilizers for Synthetic, Semi Synthetic MWF, multifunctional fluids

ECOZEST Offers stabilizers for synthetic, semi synthetic MWF. Our stabilizers are multifunctional fluids & offer excellent performance in all types of metal working fluids. Stability issues in MWFs can reduce performance and detrimentally affect original product quality as well as quality of dilution in sump. These destabilizing phenomena results in phase separation, blooming, coalescence of oil droplets, emulsion breaking, foaming, bad odors, depositions, etc.


Benefits of ECOZEST Stabilizers

• Stabiles the original concentrated product
• Stabilizes the dilutions
• Stabilize sumps
• Re enforces PH Control in fluids
• No bad odor from sump
• Does not allow growth of bio organisms
• No layer formation
• No deposit formation
• Extended sump life
• Effective with ally types of metal working
• Works at very minimum concentration
• Control the foam formation
• Effective against biocides & fungicides

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