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Performance Specialty Additives For Metal Working, Boundary Layer Lubrication

Performance Additives for Metal Working

Manufacturer of Specialty Additives for Metal Working Fluids, Boundary layer lubrication, Eco Friendly Boundary Lubricants to Decrease Noise, Vibration and Increase the Efficiency of Machinery, Rust Inhibitors to Prevent Rust, Oxidation and other forms of Corrosion

We had designed specialty additives for metal working fluids which increase the performance in all area of its working. All our additives are compatible with traditional as well as new oils based on different chemistry. Almost all our additives are eco-friendly ensuring the formulator with added advantage with respect to human safety & environment. All our additives are compatible with each other & ensure improvement in total performance.

1) Boundary Layer Lubricants
We had designed Boundary layer lubricants which form a protective film between two surfaces that are in contact with each other, thus providing a smooth surface for efficient operation. These lubricants also reduce wear and tear on the components, which helps to extend their life span. These lubricants help to decrease noise, vibration, and increase the efficiency of machinery. They can be used in a variety of applications, including automotive components, industrial machinery, and medical devices. This article will discuss the different types of boundary layer lubricants available and their various use cases.

Benefits of ECOZEST Boundary Layer Lubricants
• Free from chlorine & Sulphur
• Non hazardous
• Reduces the drag drastically
• Bio base product

2) Rust Inhibitors
We had designed rust inhibitors for cutting oils and synthetic oils. Specifically designed to prevent rust, oxidation, and other forms of corrosion that can occur when these fluids are exposed to water or air. Our rust inhibitors also help keep the oil clean by preventing dirt and other contaminants from sticking to it. By using our rust inhibitor in your formulation you can extend the life of your cutting oils and synthetic oils significantly.

Benefits of ECOZEST Rust Inhibitor
• Free from oils & petrochemicals
• Safe to the environment & safe to the user
• Free from amines
• Offers protection at minimum levels
• Free from sulfurs , chlorines , phosphates
• Non irritating to skin

3) Coupling Agents
We are offering advance coupling agent for various metal working fluids. These products offer extended stability & unmatched long term performance. Our coupling agent is compatible with almost all types of fluids

Benefits of ECOZEST coupling agents
• Bind & stabilizes the different component
• Ensure no layer formation
• Keep the formulation intact for longer times
• Free from sulphates
• Eco friendly additive
• Very minimum addition levels

4 ) Anti-Foaming Agents
We are offering non silicone anti foams for metal working fluids which prevents foam formation when these fluids are used at critical operations. Our anti foams are compatible with all types of metal working fluids.

Benefits of ECOZEST Anti Foaming Agents
• Does not form layer or separate into layer
• Thermally stable
• No bad odor
• Free from silicones
• Compatible with most synthetic & mineral based formulations

5) Mist Control Agents
ECOZEST Mist control agents reduce the amount of mist creation in grinding or cutting operation. The agents act as a barrier against mist, dust , micro particles reducing the risk of inhalation . In addition to their mist control capabilities, these agents can also improve the performance of lubricants by decreasing their surface tension.

Benefits of ECOZEST Mist Control Agents
• Reduces surface tension
• Excellent absorption
• Compatible with all types of fluids

6) EP Additives ECOZEST Extreme pressure (EP) additives are used to eliminate the of ‘dry’ friction. Use of ECOZEST additives prevent the lubricating fluids being squeezed out. Our EP additives prevent destructive metal-to-metal contact at high speeds and pressure conditions.

Benefits of ECOZEST EP Additives
• High in concentration required at very minor dosage
• Not create foam
• Does not separate in to layers

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