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Unleash the Advantages of Synthetic MWF Base for Your Industrial Needs

Manufacturer of Water Soluble Synthetic Metal Working Fluids, Boundary Lubrication, EP Additives, Biocides & Stabilisers

We had designed a synthetic base from which one can make a various synthetic metal working fluids for different applications. We provide concentrate fluids which contain boundary layers lubricants, EP additives, biocides & stabilisers so manufacturers can easily make their own fluids by mixing with water.

By using ECOZEST Synthetic MWF package one can make environment friendly, safe to use synthetic metal working fluids which also offers excellent surface finish, extended tool life & higher sump life.

Synthetic MWF Base

Benefits of ECOZEST synthetic MWF package

• Simple & easy manufacturing
• No need of special equipment or infrastructure
• No need of special technical manufacturing skills
• No ned of inventory
• One base useful for multiple different application product
• Low cost end products
• High performance end product
• Non corrosive so easy to handle

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